Let's Get On A Boat

by Caleb Murphy

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released 30 July 2013

All songs written by Caleb Murphy

Produced & engineered by Caleb Murphy at Rightful Place Studios in Western Pennsylvania

Mix/mastered by John Behrens at The Sound Office in Nashville, Tn.

Caleb Murphy (vocals, guitar, bass, crashes, kick drum on “Sparrow”)
John Behrens (additional percussion on “Sparrow”)
Leland Bennett (saxophone on “Take A Lonely Heart”)
Pat McCombie (flutes)
Felix Noy (drums)
Brian Wolfe (trumpets)
Marty & Maryann Drago (clapping on "Let's Get On A Boat")

Special thanks:
Beth Murphy
Marty & Maryann Drago
Mark Altrogge
Jenn Grover
Sandy Kimmel

These generous supporters made this album possible:
David & Sarah Altrogge
Arwen Bassler
Lee Dedmon
Chris & Randi Eckenrode
Marty & Maryann Drago
Elaine Eshleman
Jenn Grover
Mike & Jocelyn Hartnett
Sandy Kimmel
Evan & Rebekah May
Sean McGaughran
Ben & Jan Murphy
Michelle Speckmann
Marlene Speranza



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Track Name: Take A Lonely Heart
Go now, if you have to go miles away
go now, ‘cause we know you’ll come around again

That’s when you will find
everyone back in
in this line

Take a number, seat yourself, friend
enter in
we’re the only true people
we’re the only ones with soul
take a lonely heart

Loneliness is a perfect way to find a friend
so this is an intermission that will end
Track Name: Sparrow
My mind, sparrow mind,
works in rewind
first I must have
then I believe, I believe

I am a sparrow of the common air
oh! how the heavens have looked on me and seen my troubles here
Not one of us is lost

Child, where’re you from?
Child, why so glum?
You have just a dime
but the Maker knows Trouble’s stare
Track Name: Ain't Got No Money
Track Name: Let's Get On a Boat
You and me both want to live out the west
Nevada or California
You know if we drive it just might take all night
and flat tires won’t let me be

We could steal a boat and pay for it later,
ride the Mississippi to the equator
through the Panama Canal, see you later
to the golden state

Let’s get on a boat like we are
sailors going afloat
pretend like we’re going somewhere

Trains, they go fast, but they cost a prime dime
and that I know I don’t have
that goes for planes, too, oh I’d rather not
flying means farther to fall

We could steal a boat and pay for it later,
ride the Mississippi to the equator
through the Panama Canal, see you later
to the golden state

You and I could die trying either way
might as well go out fighting off a wave
if we make it, baby, then I’ll say,
“here’s your golden state”